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Important notice: If you are a United employee who has been issued an employee number that begins with "u", you don't have to complete this form for Brand Center access. You can access the Brand Center simply by logging in with your "u" number and password used on the Flying Together site. Unfortunately at this time, sCO employees who have not yet been issued a "u" number cannot log in to the Brand Center. We are looking into resolving this issue immediately and will update the site as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please complete and submit the following form if you are not a United employee and would like to request  access to the United Brand Center. Depending on your work function, access to the brand center may include all or some of the following:

  • Ability to download high resolution United artwork, photography and/or logos
  • Access to branding guidelines
  • Access to proprietary branding information and/or news

Once you complete and submit the following form, the Brand Team will evaluate your request to determine the brand center access level that best suits your function. Please allow 2- 5 business days to process your request. You will receive an email via the email address you provide below when access has been approved.

Your request for access has been received. Please allow 2 - 5 days for a response.

United employees should use their Flying Together credentials to log in.

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